How to Type Symbols Alt Codes by Using Keyboard

Very glad to see on this post because you are looking to method how to type “Symbols Alt Codes” by using computer keyboard, after reading and following the bellow steps you will understand easily about typing the symbols alt code

Here is the step

  1. Find Alt Code
  2. Here is the all Alt codes list for all keyboard Numeric symbols. Numeric Codes Standard for Symbols may you want to create

  3. Enable Number Lock on Keyboard
  4. This Button mention with tag NUM LOCK Normally this key is located right side of the Standard Alphanumeric Keyboards with Numeric keypad. Usually this is “locked” and keys are not working. When you want to use side buttons you should press this “Num lock” key to Unlocked Numeric keypad. If this Num key is active you will see green light “Num Lock” (Numeric keypad unlock indicator) shine.

    How to Type Symbols Alt Codes by Using Keyboard
  5. Press”ALT” Button
  6. On Keyboard both side of Space Key you will find ALT keys. When Num Lock enabled, press and hold this ALT button only one left or right side. If one is not working try other.

  7. Type the Alt code With Keypad Keys
  8. While you press and holding the ALT key. Code need to enter from Standard alphanumeric keyboards with Numeric Keypad located in right side of keyboard. Enter numeric Alt code of symbol with sequence shown in This Alt Code List.

  9. Release ALT Key
  10. Once you had completed your symbol code release the ALT key, if you have done everything right then symbol should be inserted on work place.

Note:- Might be this function is not working on some laptops that not have right Numeric Keypad.


Today blog was “about How to Write Alt Codes Symbols by Using Keyboard Keys” Hope you will learn and find it useful,

If you have any trouble to understanding or typing may you have to put a comments in comments area, I will be grad to hepl you

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