What are the different Types of SEO?

The Popular Types of SEO and Deference Between On-Page and Off Page-SEO

In Last Post You Know’s about What is SEO and How to work. Now here will be explanation of Types of search Engines Optimization and how Important for SERP
There are many SEO to ranks high your post in SERP but from them Three Types categories are the majors which rounded in Organic Search strategy every time.
  1. On Page SEO
  3. Off Page SEO
  5. Technical SEO
Even these three categories are much easy to understanding and executing to your blogging SEO plan. You have needed your good strategy to learning and implementation.
Let’s start reviewing with details these three types of SEO and you will see how important over all to get intellectual benefit from your marketing plans. We will provide some links for each type SEO tools that you can use for improving your SEO performance.  

1- On Page SEO

On Page SEO related what ever contents on your blog post, or website. To optimizing the ranking of websites or individual page On-Page SEO are very important. When Search Engines optimized websites or blog page On-Page SEO make huge different to improve pages ranking. This SEO Type is described with categories. Major On Page SEO are

These’ s are the foundation to creating best competitive pages. All these SEO directly refer to your post or website to improve it’s position in search engines ranking. When looking all these parameters you have to look into your overall content quality, page structure and page speed performance as well. Since Google’s Panda algorithm had update by google, it reduced the prevalence of low quality and thin content blogs in SERP and rewarded to unique and compelling content post.
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A. Keywords

Few years ago when the bloggers was not much active in internet market, there was few content in internet, that time it was very easy to find target posts in Search Engine Results Pages( SERP ) because there was not competition. Right now thousand of bloggers are publishing their creative posts on internet. Also search engines improve the quality of SERP. Now SEO rather than keep all data in their data base they search and kept some tags of post. Keywords are very important to get more traffic on your website. Their are many websites provided keyword generating tools just put your words what kind of blog you want to create tool will generate some good relevant keywords for you to choose best related word for your blog or page name as the keywords. Find best Keywords for your blog
You Also Generate it with google ads service but may you have to log in to use this service. Google Keywords Generator

B. HTML Code

HTML Codes are basic on-page SEO to establish your post page. These codes are directly make inspiration for viewers. You can cannot see these HTML Codes on page but due to arrangement of good HTML Code strategy your page looking attractable for readers. Wrong coding may result of drop your post in SEO ranking>

B. Title

Title is most important in blog, may you seen when you search anything with Google or any other search engine, in each search results page upper line is the title of pages. It’s truly proof that how post pages Title is necessary. All your title should be relevance with your post content to get more viewer traffic and SEO indexing ranking.

Types of SEO Image

C. Description

If you not have description for your page, SEO cannot understand what you have to describe. If there is no page description SEO take to show in SEPR almost first 160 letters from you post content . Sometime that words are not equivalent with your post main content. Same as title, description also shown in SERP when searcher see in SERP if description is not equal with corresponding in pattern simply reader will ignore that page. So you will not get influence of reader on your page even SEO show your page in front to searcher.

E. Alt Tag

Alt Tags are using for pictures in your page. Alt tag is other important for SEO Indexing. You should add alt attribute for each image used in blog, all SEO refer this tag when optimization for ranking of SERP.

F. Headings

Heading are more even important for blogging. First impression is last impression if heading is attractable and relevance of subject viewer will read your blog.

G. Internal Links

In blog page two type of links, one type is refer your own some other blog that kind of links called Internal Links and second kind of links that may you add for third party post link just for as examples. Make sure you used internal links any of your post that related with post that reader is reading this will be good impact for reader and he will open to read. If the links given in blog totally different topic some time SEO also find as spam these kind link and make cause to reducing ranking.

H. URL Structure

Make your post url short as possible with compact details of page.

These are all crucial tags and opportunity to include relevant On-Page SEO tags and boost the search ability of your page.


2- Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO are External links that you have put in your page to refer someone else web page. These type of SEO make relationship with other websites and also help to strength your page influence.

When you are choosing these links make sure insert links of that site pages who is the good reputation and authority in Search Engines optimization. These type of SEO help your pages ideal for search engine results page because of there included links are from reputable, reliable, trusted sources.


3- Technical SEO

Technical SEO are related with your website that not have any their contents but applied with proper way it’s help to improve site background structure. Technical SEO Provide help for search engine to crawl and understand website or pages. A Good background also inspired to readers and can affect the overall traffic.

This type SEO included as bellow list
  • Security
  • Indexing
  • Crawling
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Website Speed
  • Website Structure
  • To improve your site ranking make sure these type of SEO arrangement is good

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    This was the short details of The Types of SEO for SERP (Search Engine Results Page), Hope you will find useful and you have to use all three type of SEO to improve your site indexing and crawling strategy.

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