Ways to Redirect Website URL in WordPress

5 Ways to Redirect Website URL in WordPress

Today blog we will discuss what is redirection, how many types of direction available and how to redirect any page. There are lot of reasons when we need our website or some pages url to redirect to other url. Describe 5 Ways to Redirect Website URL in WordPress here.

When we starting blogging we think everything is simple and we daily or weekly written our blogs. Till have just some pages or posts, URLs are not complicated. But over the years we have number’s of posts url, sometime we amended pages after that sites become complex.

If not create url redirect list will cause users to see 404 not found error code. Which is not only bad impact for users, it will affect your site in SEO and heart ranking in Search Engines.

Ways to Redirect Website URL in WordPress

Some Common Reason to Redirect URL or Website

  1. Your website running over the yours and you made some changes.
  2. Changing the hosting provider either looking for better service or cheaper.
  3. Migrating your blog one platform to other, like Blogger to WordPress.
  4. Some posts are old, may you thinks not required anymore. This happened in daily news websites mostly. They remove oldest posts, important url redirect to newer related pages to reduce server load.
  5. Maybe you purchase other domain name and need to redirect your site url. In some cases you need to switch domains altogether.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons you’ll need to redirect a ULR to another. Not only here mentions reasons, there are much more causes when redirection necessary.

What is The Redirection?

Redirection take visitors from one page or website to another page or website. People search any post from search engines, when they click to reach it, redirection taken them to another post url. Some cases we can give massage to visitors this page has moved from here. Option to make it click able choice to open new page or it will redirect automatic.

There are some different types of URL directs, bellow is the short list. From all of them 301 redirect is most common and useful. We will discus only types which are vastly implement.

List of Ways to Redirect Website URL in WordPress

  1. 301 Redirect
  2. 302 Redirect
  3. Meta Refresh Redirect

1- 301 Redirect

Most common and vastly used redirection is 301 redirect. It redirect permanently one post url or website url to another one. Search Engine index this kind of redirection. Hugely used in both browsers and server type redirection. It is one of powerful redirection type. This redirection take visitors one URL to other URL immediately. Visitors will not feel that they had open redirected page.

2- 302 Redirect

302 Redirect type is not uses much. The type of 302 redirect is temporary bases redirection. If you want any domain name or post url for few days redirect, this is the useful. It mostly used when buy a domain name but still under construction. Once created domain name it become online and can be searched. To keep engaged visitor till create new website 302 redirect is best choice.

3- Meta Refresh Redirect

Meta Refresh type redirection also not much use. In this type redirection take some some time to reach new page. Before loaded old url past then refresh it to redirect to newer url. Refreshing time you can increase or decrease in the meta code. Optionally give the massage to visitors “This page has moved to other page you will redirect shortly” upon your choice can change redirection time and massage. Mostly you seen message like this that says.  “The original URL has moved, you are now being redirected. Click here if you are not redirected in 5 seconds”?. In this case publisher used meta refresh redirect type.

Where We Should Implement The Redirection

Above you have know’s most common used types of redirection. To know more understand what reasons and where should implement redirection on pages or website.

1- Redirect Pages From Subdomain to Domain Name

Sometimes we did not purchase domain name just create website on subdomain. Later we decide to purchase dedicated domain name related to blog content.

You switched your site at your original new domain name. It important now to implement redirection. Same any other reason you required to redirect your site.

2- Redirect Duplicate Posts to Original Post URL

Duplicate posts or duplicate content on the websites are heart in search engine optimization. When we have large website there is a chance to duplicate pages or content. When more than one pages with same content on our website, it is very difficult for search engine to figure out original page.

It must need redirect to original content in such condition to avoid confusion for users. This redirection will not better only for your visitors, it will take rank high your pages in search engine indexing.

3- Redirect Old Domain Name to New domain Name

It is common that people purchase domain and start website. Years a later he think the domain name is not related to my content or not better choice as his wishes. May you want to give brand name to your business and replaced domain name.

Whatever the reason, in such kind of situation very important to redirect old domain name to new domain name.

Migrating the complete your website to new domain very hard, specially when you have huge content on website. this way easily can redirect whole website to the new domain.

4- Redirect Old Pages URL to New Pages URL

Sometime we create post with one url after that we found this is not trending words which people searching. That time we decided to make amendment in our post url structure. Now it essential to redirect old url to new url with 301 redirection because your old url already index in search engine.

Redirection of old pages to new pages, some other common reason that, some old URL not make longer sense. May want to cleaning the old data to reduce the server load. If like this happened 301 redirection must utilized.

5- Redirection of Multiple Domain to a Single Domain

There is trend, people to keep their business safe, they purchase multi domains which related to their domain url. This way people protect their brand online from copiers. After buying the multiple domains not good to keep them as it. To make it useful for your business and brand, implementation of redirection is required.

Next step to keep active and valuable all these domains just redirect to main branded domain name. It can save lot of related threatening of business brand.

Conclusion of Ways to Redirect Website URL in WordPress

May now you understand, there are many reasons when need redirection of some blogs url or the whole website. These are few different types of redirect condition may you have any other than these. Anyway redirect is compulsory when ever we made changes in our original URL. Hopefully you understand and find it useful this blog. If you love it share to your beloved.

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